Friday, August 28, 2009


I had an idea yesterday to make Clark some blocks. I used Sahlin Studio's explore.learn.grow. kit (new today at ScrapMatters). I think I like the way they turned out. Directions...

Cut blocks into desired size.
Paint blocks
Design mini LOs to put on blocks
Print and cut
Adhere LO to block using Modge Podge or something of the sort.

They were really easy! I'm thinking about gifts now. "family" blocks or "home" blocks... maybe even a last name or something. Anyhow, Clark loves them. He's already built several towers with them!


Misty said...

these are awesome!! great hybrid! thank you for sharing this :)

Stacy said...

Mary your blocks are so good. I want to make some now!

Lorry said...

Very cute! What are the blocks made of?

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