Monday, January 30, 2012

Product Highlight

Hi!  Lynett here with another look at our January Product Highlight:  A Photo a Day
This kit is so versatile.  I have used it for Disney layouts, school band trips, and a host of other layouts.  It is always a good place to start.  Here are two layouts that I have finished in the last month using this wonderful kit.
First is my son at his school Veteran's Day celebration.
This next one might not look finished because it is not.  I am trying to keep track of all the books I am reading this year and this is the layout that I will be adding to as the year progresses.  As you can see, I have already read 8 books this year!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Heartbreaker & He's My Valentine!

I can't believe February is right around the corner! That means Valentine's is all over the scrapping shops, Pinterest and more! I'm releasing my two older Valentine kits today and will have some more lovey goodies for you on February 1st! 
Both re-released Valentine kits are on sale for 20% off this weekend, so grab then while they are on sale!
First up we have He's My Valentine. Such a fun boys Valentine kit!
And Heartbreaker, a little more edgy, but still fun and can create a lot of different looks!

Here's some valentine inspiration for you! 
I even created a LO! This is the first once since NOVEMBER?!? Wow! This kit was perfect for Clark's Halloween costume this year as Ghost Rider!
And from the CT...
Have a great weekend!

The Pin It Button

Mary here with a little Pinterest tip. I am posting this on my family blog, and I thought you guys might like to know this tip too!

I know that in terms of reality TV, news headlines, music, movies, etc. I am WAY behind the times. I mean I just found out who the Kardashians are! And my brother had to tell me! Eek! (it was maybe 2 months ago!!)

But...I know the Internet. Not the news sites obviously, but the crafty ones. I've known about Pinterest for a long time. I didn't request an invite for a while, but now that I have, I really enjoy looking at all of the fun things and scrolling and scrolling and scrolling!

Some friends of mine have talked about how they pin things and I suddenly realized...they don't have the PIN IT button! It's so easy to pin things from websites and stores that you like using the Pin It Button. So...let's get that fixed right away.

1. Head on over to and log in. At the top of the screen you'll see an "About" drop down menu. Click on that and you'll see the directions for the Pin It Button!

2. Don't worry if you don't use Chrome. The proper directions pop up for whatever browser you're about cool!!

3. Once the Pin It Button is installed, you can use it to pin things from blogs, shops, websites, etc. If you are on a blog, be sure to click the title of the post that you want to pin. This gives you a direct url to that post. It sure makes it easier for yourself and others to find what you've pinned! Otherwise it may just pin it to the general url of the blog. Not so helpful if it was a tutorial from 1 year ago or something!

So. Make sure there is a direct url and then click your Pin It Button.

4. A row of images will appear. Choose the one that you would like to pin. Click Pin This

5. Now you're familiar with these next steps...put it in the right category, add a description and click the Pin It Button and you're done!

If you'd like an invite, let me know and I'll get you one. If you'd like to follow me, click on the Pinterest button on the sidebar. Happy Scrolling and Pinning!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sneak Peeks for you....

Hi Guys!  Lisa here to share a couple of Sneak Peeks with you...

That's right two for you this week!  WooHoo

Be sure to stop by Plum Dumpling Designs tomorrow to see the full reveal and to snatch these fun kits up!
Happy Scrapping

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Gallery Standouts

Hello, Ophelia here to bring you the Gallery Standouts!  I went browsing in Plum Dumpling Designs gallery at FPD and found lots of gorgeous layouts.

Here are my choices for gallery standouts.

I absolutely love the blending in this page.  The design is minimalist but gorgeous!
PDD Tribute to Tyler Mini Kit by shaynesgirl

I love the unique way of using the cut out snowflakes in this awesome page!
 Christmas 2010 by hoorah

I am a sucker for large photo layouts and this one is fabulous!
New Year Fireworks (left) by aballen

And that's the gallery standouts for January!  Want to be a GSO!  Then make sure to post your layouts using Plum Dumpling Designs products in the gallery at Funky Playground Designs!  Please stop by the gallery and leave some love for these gorgeous pages!

Monday, January 23, 2012

January Product Highlight: A Photo A Day

Hello everyone! Roxana here with the Product Highlight this week! This month we are featuring one of my favorite kits A Photo A Day,  with lots of fabulous elements and papers, it's so versatile you can use it for many themes. I'm sure that like me, you will be using this kit again and again!!

(preview linked to the store)

Here are some layouts I've made with this fantastic kit:

(all images linked for full credits)

Right now the kit is on sale, so you can purchase it with 30% off, then make a layout, upload it to PDD gallery at Funky Playground, and link us back here in the comments, you will be entered to win a $10 gift certificate for Plum Dumpling store at Funky Playground! Isn't it amazing?

Hurry up! The winner will be announced February 1st!

Have a great day!

Funky Playground Designs' CT Call!

Check out this post in the forum for details!

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Emilee here wishing you a happy Saturday! Did you have fun reading the Dating Diaries this past week? I had a blast. Don't be let down now the week is over--today I have a SURPRISE COUPON for you! Act quickly as this coupon is only good for today, January 21.
Use the coupon code: surprise-30jan at the Plum Dumpling Designs store at Funky Playground Designs TODAY ONLY! Mary has some fun new stuff and some re-releases you really should check out.

Happy Shopping!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Dear Diary, Love Mary & TWO new date elements!!

Today's our last day of The Dating Diaries! I hope you've enjoyed sharing our date stories as well as picking up some fun date elements. Today I have TWO awesome new date elements!
Today's story is my own. I debated about whether or not I should tell a fun story with dh or if I should tell one of my craziest date stories ever...I'm going with the crazy!
There was a guy at my work during college who had a big crush on me. He would leave me little treats on my chair and use any excuse to walk by. He was nice enough, but I knew a relationship wouldn't last. After a couple of months of "treats" he did ask me out on a date. I accepted. I think everyone deserves a first date. Well, we doubled with his roommate and went out to dinner and then mini golf. I ordered a steak for dinner (yep, that's the kind of date I am!) and when it was brought out to me, he leaned over with HIS fork and knife and started to CUT MY MEAT FOR ME?!? Yikes! I had to yell at him to stop cutting my meat. Dinner continued. I asked him to pass me the ketchup later in the meal, and you guessed it, he tried to squirt it on my plate! Oh my...needless to say, there was not a second date!
Today's scrappin' goodies are BRAND NEW and very fun! First up we have Date Ticker. This is a fun little product to put your date on sort of like the ticker tape!
And the second product is a digital product, but can be easily converted to a hybrid project too! Here is Perpetual Calendar. It's got a great doodle feel with a lot of elements that would be great for sprucing up your journaling on other layouts too!

Both of these new releases are on sale for 30% off this weekend only! They will go back to regular price on Monday, so get them while they are on sale!
Congratulations to our winner DOLORES! You are winning both of these products! Email or PM me at Funky Playground for your code!
On to some dating inspiration! The CT has been super busy creating LOs with all of these date products! Let's have a look...
Check out this desktop calendar Abish created?!
And some digi LOs...
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dear Diary, Love Lisa & Heidi

We are coming to the end of our Dating Diaries! I hope you've had as much fun reading these stories as I have! We do have another new date set today and TWO BRAND NEW date elements coming out tomorrow - you're going to LOVE them! ...maybe even want to marry them...sorry...I couldn't resist! 
Be sure to comment on the sneak peek post for a chance to win the two date elements tomorrow!
We have two stories again today! Two more good ones...two more happy endings.
Our first story is from Lisa.
How my husband and I met was all happenstance.  Even after the disaster which almost ended our first date, we are still together!  I was attending summer school at Texas Women’s University and met, who is now my sister-in-law.  She happily set her brother and I up on a blind date.  As he was driving from Dallas, Texas to Denton, Texas for our date, a semi-truck dumped a load of concrete mix all over the road making it impossible for him to pass.  This was of course before cell phones!  Needless to say I was getting pretty upset from being, what I thought was him standing me up.   I did not really want to see this man again.  However, when he did finally arrived, he spued this unbelievable story and I have to admit, I did not believe a word of it!  He made up for it and we are still living our happily ever after 33 years!
Can you believe that? When it's meant to be, it's meant to be, right?!
Our second story is from Heidi.
When my DH and I were dating, just before we were engaged, we took a Dating and Marriage Prep. class together while we were at college. We went to the same exact class, studied the same exact material, and on the final, he came away with an A, and I got a C! I remember he wondered if he needed to be a little worried...if he needed to think twice. =) We made an appointment with our teacher and we went to talk with him. I don't remember exactly what advice he gave us, but we did still get married...and I guess after 15 years and 5 kids, I would have to say that on-the-job-training was more what I needed than the book-training!
My DH's comment on the story:
It was definatly a leap of faith on my part! How do you get a C in Dating and Marriage Prep?? All you have to do is show up!
I'm glad he stuck with me...the ride has been so worth it!
Isn't that hilarious?
Today's date element re-release is Create a Calendar! These are fun to use on LOs. You can layer them up or set them apart. The fun is in the creating!

Be sure to pick up Create a Calendar today while it's still on sale!

Wanna DATE sneak?

We hope you've enjoyed the Plum Dumpling CT's Dating Diaries--and Mary's new releases!--this week! Here's your chance to win some brand-new date sets, perfect for your Project 365/52/12 pages, and of course for dating all your favorite layouts!

To get in the drawing for this week's prize, just share your favorite "date" story with us! It can be romantic, funny, crazy--we've all had 'em! :) When these awesome new sets release tomorrow, Mary will pick a winner to receive them.

Just post a favorite "date" memory in the comments below... and check back tomorrow to see if you're a winner!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dear Diary, Love Lynett & Dawn

Welcome back to the Dating Diaries! A fun promotion where we share some of the dates we've been on and release some old and new date elements!

Today we have two stories for you! The first is from Lynett about how a mismatched double date turned into years of dates!

Jason and I met in graduate school. We had one class together, Classical Mechanics. I was the only girl in the class and he was the only student who would really study with me. We spent the whole semester hanging out, doing physics and becoming great friends. Towards the end of the semester, we decided to go on a double date together. The catch is I went with my boyfriend Ed (yes that was he real name) and him with his girlfriend, BJ. We enjoyed a wonderful meal at my favorite Chinese restaurant. Jason told me years later that he realized that night that he did not want to be friends with me. He sat at the dinner feeling unhappy and jealous....

Not long after that date, he broke up with BJ and asked me out. We dated for almost 2 months and on Feb. 8 of this year we will have been married for 16 years.

What a great story! I'm glad they figured out who was supposed to be with whom!! Our next story is from Dawn and it also has a happy ending!

 My husband, Jesse, knew he was going to marry me after just one date. It took me a little longer though! When the time came, that he was getting ready to propose to me, we decided he would go "old school" and ask my dad for my hand in marriage! We had it all planned. He came over for supper, and was going to ask my dad after dessert. Jesse was working up the courage to ask my dad, when my dad got up, left the room, and went to bed! We were shocked, and didn't know what to do! Finally I went into my parents bedroom and asked my dad if he would come watch some TV with us for a while! When he was finally settled back in his recliner, Jesse asked him for my hand in marriage! I think it made Jesse even more nervous knowing he had missed his first opportunity and we had to quickly rethink things! We have been happily married for 15 years this June!

Modern day fairy tales!

Today's scrappin' goodies are Year Round Dates. These are one of my favorite date elements because you can tuck them in practically anywhere! And they fit so many different styles of scrapping.

Be sure to pick up Year Round Dates today while they are 20% off! Come back tomorrow for two more stories and another date re-release!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dear Diary, Love Emilee

Welcome back to the Dating Diaries! A fun promotion where we share some of the dates we've been on and release some old and new date elements!

Today's story is from Emilee. It's a funny story about a cRaZy date which is totally appropriate for the date element we're releasing today!

Once someone asked my on a blind date after hearing me give a talk in church (#1 odd thing). I didn't know him as I had recently returned from teaching English in China. Anyway, he had just returned from an LDS mission (and was thus out of dating practice) and thought we should do some service for our date (#2 odd thing). So for this blind date we met up with some of his friends and went Christmas caroling at a nursing home. But the rest of the friends deserted us and we were left alone caroling from room to room. It was so awkward because we didn't know each other and at and couldn't really get to know each other while singing (do you sense a #3?). I thought after that the date would get better, but no. Then we went to one of his friend's houses where it was a big reunion of all friends I didn't know anyone and basically got ignored. After awhile he took me home and went back to the reunion! You probably guessed that I never saw him again--and that was fine with me.

I don't think I'd be sad that there wasn't a second date either!

Today's date element is my Crazy Date Stamps. They are perfect for adding some fun to your pages. They are easy to recolor and just fun to use!

Crazy Date Stamps are on sale for 20% off TODAY ONLY! Be sure to pick them up while they are on sale!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Dear Diary, Love Ophelia

Welcome back to the Dating Diaries! A fun promotion where we share some of the dates we've been on and release some old and new date elements!

Today's story is from Ophelia. Another funny first date...this time about the dangers of sleep deprivation!

I had a great first date with my DH because we already got to know each other after being on a group project together.  We went to dinner and movie.  The funny part of the story was when we went to the movie. I chose City of Angels.  I thought the movie was okay but felt bad for DH because he had a migraine headache. He spent most of the time with his head in his hands or rubbing his temple.  Well, years later, it turns out he didn't have a headache!  He was tired from only getting a couple of hours of sleep the night before (we were all sleep deprived in college).  The movie was slow going on some scenes so that's when he was nodding off. He didn't want me to know when I saw him with his head in his hands, he told me he had a bad headache. He told that story to his mom and she said she would've walked out on the date if that happened to her! lol 

Isn't that so funny! Would you have walked out or felt bad?!

Today we are re-releasing The Longest Date. It's a fun way to date your pages with the whole date written out!

The Longest Date will be on sale for 20% off for TODAY only! Be sure to pick it up before it goes back to regular price tomorrow. But never fear...we'll have another new date appear!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Are You A Fan??

Funky Playground Designs is having a Facebook train with lots of freebies and goodies to pick up! Hop on over to the Plum Dumpling Designs' Facebook fan page to get on board and get those goodies.

You'll find your freebie when you click on the Exclusive Fan Freebie tab on the left sidebar.

Click "like" for access to the download of my portion of this awesome kit...all of the pieces coordinate so you'll have a free kit when you're all done!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Dear Diary, Love Roxana

Welcome to The Dating Diaries! It's a FUN promotion where we share stories of some of the dates we've been on and release some old (and new) date elements!
Today's story is from Roxana. A funny little quip about hamburgers! 
 When hubby and I were dating we always had hamburgers, he loves them but I hated them, anyway every time he asked "do you want a hamburger?" I said OK with my silly face. After we got married (years later and lots of hamburgers) he asked me "why did you always say yes if you didn't like them?" And I said "Cause we were dating and I was being nice". Now I choose the places we go LOL Guess I dont have to pretend being nice anymore hehe, but now I do like hamburgers too! 
That's so funny! I don't think I could have stomached all those hamburgers if I didn't like them!
Today's scrappin' goodies!
Our date element today is Date-Bits. It a really versatile little date set that gives a hand clipped look to your pages. There are so many ways to put them together - and for this weekend only, they are 20% off!

I couldn't release Date-Bits without releasing it's coordinating alpha pack, Alpha-bitsAlpha-bits were actually the inspiration for Date-Bits. This is a fantastic alpha to use when you are layering alphas or to just sneak a little letter on a page somewhere. And they are also 20% off for this weekend!

Did I mention that both of these releases are 20% off for this weekend ONLY?! We'll be back on Monday with a new set of goodies on sale for our Dating Diaries!

I also have two mini kits to release today. They were both previously part of collabs, so check your stash to see if you have them!
Have a lovely day and maybe even go out on a date tonight! Dh and I are going to Home Depot...FUN!!
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