Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dear Diary, Love Emilee

Welcome back to the Dating Diaries! A fun promotion where we share some of the dates we've been on and release some old and new date elements!

Today's story is from Emilee. It's a funny story about a cRaZy date which is totally appropriate for the date element we're releasing today!

Once someone asked my on a blind date after hearing me give a talk in church (#1 odd thing). I didn't know him as I had recently returned from teaching English in China. Anyway, he had just returned from an LDS mission (and was thus out of dating practice) and thought we should do some service for our date (#2 odd thing). So for this blind date we met up with some of his friends and went Christmas caroling at a nursing home. But the rest of the friends deserted us and we were left alone caroling from room to room. It was so awkward because we didn't know each other and at and couldn't really get to know each other while singing (do you sense a #3?). I thought after that the date would get better, but no. Then we went to one of his friend's houses where it was a big reunion of all friends I didn't know anyone and basically got ignored. After awhile he took me home and went back to the reunion! You probably guessed that I never saw him again--and that was fine with me.

I don't think I'd be sad that there wasn't a second date either!

Today's date element is my Crazy Date Stamps. They are perfect for adding some fun to your pages. They are easy to recolor and just fun to use!

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