Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dear Diary, Love Lynett & Dawn

Welcome back to the Dating Diaries! A fun promotion where we share some of the dates we've been on and release some old and new date elements!

Today we have two stories for you! The first is from Lynett about how a mismatched double date turned into years of dates!

Jason and I met in graduate school. We had one class together, Classical Mechanics. I was the only girl in the class and he was the only student who would really study with me. We spent the whole semester hanging out, doing physics and becoming great friends. Towards the end of the semester, we decided to go on a double date together. The catch is I went with my boyfriend Ed (yes that was he real name) and him with his girlfriend, BJ. We enjoyed a wonderful meal at my favorite Chinese restaurant. Jason told me years later that he realized that night that he did not want to be friends with me. He sat at the dinner feeling unhappy and jealous....

Not long after that date, he broke up with BJ and asked me out. We dated for almost 2 months and on Feb. 8 of this year we will have been married for 16 years.

What a great story! I'm glad they figured out who was supposed to be with whom!! Our next story is from Dawn and it also has a happy ending!

 My husband, Jesse, knew he was going to marry me after just one date. It took me a little longer though! When the time came, that he was getting ready to propose to me, we decided he would go "old school" and ask my dad for my hand in marriage! We had it all planned. He came over for supper, and was going to ask my dad after dessert. Jesse was working up the courage to ask my dad, when my dad got up, left the room, and went to bed! We were shocked, and didn't know what to do! Finally I went into my parents bedroom and asked my dad if he would come watch some TV with us for a while! When he was finally settled back in his recliner, Jesse asked him for my hand in marriage! I think it made Jesse even more nervous knowing he had missed his first opportunity and we had to quickly rethink things! We have been happily married for 15 years this June!

Modern day fairy tales!

Today's scrappin' goodies are Year Round Dates. These are one of my favorite date elements because you can tuck them in practically anywhere! And they fit so many different styles of scrapping.

Be sure to pick up Year Round Dates today while they are 20% off! Come back tomorrow for two more stories and another date re-release!

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