Friday, January 13, 2012

Dear Diary, Love Roxana

Welcome to The Dating Diaries! It's a FUN promotion where we share stories of some of the dates we've been on and release some old (and new) date elements!
Today's story is from Roxana. A funny little quip about hamburgers! 
 When hubby and I were dating we always had hamburgers, he loves them but I hated them, anyway every time he asked "do you want a hamburger?" I said OK with my silly face. After we got married (years later and lots of hamburgers) he asked me "why did you always say yes if you didn't like them?" And I said "Cause we were dating and I was being nice". Now I choose the places we go LOL Guess I dont have to pretend being nice anymore hehe, but now I do like hamburgers too! 
That's so funny! I don't think I could have stomached all those hamburgers if I didn't like them!
Today's scrappin' goodies!
Our date element today is Date-Bits. It a really versatile little date set that gives a hand clipped look to your pages. There are so many ways to put them together - and for this weekend only, they are 20% off!

I couldn't release Date-Bits without releasing it's coordinating alpha pack, Alpha-bitsAlpha-bits were actually the inspiration for Date-Bits. This is a fantastic alpha to use when you are layering alphas or to just sneak a little letter on a page somewhere. And they are also 20% off for this weekend!

Did I mention that both of these releases are 20% off for this weekend ONLY?! We'll be back on Monday with a new set of goodies on sale for our Dating Diaries!

I also have two mini kits to release today. They were both previously part of collabs, so check your stash to see if you have them!
Have a lovely day and maybe even go out on a date tonight! Dh and I are going to Home Depot...FUN!!

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