Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dear Diary, Love Lisa & Heidi

We are coming to the end of our Dating Diaries! I hope you've had as much fun reading these stories as I have! We do have another new date set today and TWO BRAND NEW date elements coming out tomorrow - you're going to LOVE them! ...maybe even want to marry them...sorry...I couldn't resist! 
Be sure to comment on the sneak peek post for a chance to win the two date elements tomorrow!
We have two stories again today! Two more good ones...two more happy endings.
Our first story is from Lisa.
How my husband and I met was all happenstance.  Even after the disaster which almost ended our first date, we are still together!  I was attending summer school at Texas Women’s University and met, who is now my sister-in-law.  She happily set her brother and I up on a blind date.  As he was driving from Dallas, Texas to Denton, Texas for our date, a semi-truck dumped a load of concrete mix all over the road making it impossible for him to pass.  This was of course before cell phones!  Needless to say I was getting pretty upset from being, what I thought was him standing me up.   I did not really want to see this man again.  However, when he did finally arrived, he spued this unbelievable story and I have to admit, I did not believe a word of it!  He made up for it and we are still living our happily ever after 33 years!
Can you believe that? When it's meant to be, it's meant to be, right?!
Our second story is from Heidi.
When my DH and I were dating, just before we were engaged, we took a Dating and Marriage Prep. class together while we were at college. We went to the same exact class, studied the same exact material, and on the final, he came away with an A, and I got a C! I remember he wondered if he needed to be a little worried...if he needed to think twice. =) We made an appointment with our teacher and we went to talk with him. I don't remember exactly what advice he gave us, but we did still get married...and I guess after 15 years and 5 kids, I would have to say that on-the-job-training was more what I needed than the book-training!
My DH's comment on the story:
It was definatly a leap of faith on my part! How do you get a C in Dating and Marriage Prep?? All you have to do is show up!
I'm glad he stuck with me...the ride has been so worth it!
Isn't that hilarious?
Today's date element re-release is Create a Calendar! These are fun to use on LOs. You can layer them up or set them apart. The fun is in the creating!

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african girl said...

Interesting love stories!
It really reminds me when I was in High school. I'm really fun of writing diaries about the unforgettable moments we shared with my first boyfriend who is my 6 years crush. In short, he is my first love. I also wrote important events and some shudder moments when I saw my crushes. But when I went to college it suddenly changed. I am no longer fun of writing diaries because everytime I and my bf went on a date or any places it will always be remembered and being treasured. Now I know how does it feel to be inlove with someone not like during high school wherein it is just an infatuation love.

As you grow older you will really experienced something different and through that experience you will really learn from it.

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