Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dear Diary, Love Denise

Welcome to The Dating Diaries! It's a FUN promotion where we share stories of some of the dates we've been on and release some old (and new) date elements!
Our first story is from Denise. And is about a first date no less...and one that didn't go so well!
First dates are never quite what you anticipate.  I was in college and was introduced to a really cute fellow. After some conversation, he asked me to what sounded like a fun night out - dinner and the comedy club!  After a nice meal, we headed to the club, where he proceeded to ask for a table in front... yes... right in front of the comedian?! 
Unfortunately for us, the comedian was one that REALLY liked to involve his audience in the act.  In front of a packed house, less than ten minutes into the show, the comedian proceeded to ask my date how long we had been together.  My date responded, well, I just picked her up and here we are.  EEK!  He evidently realized how bad that sounded, so he then proceeded to say, well I did take her to dinner first.  REALLY?  Then he said, she really liked the dinner I think, looking at me, didn't you?  He then looks at the comedian, and says, Its our first date you know.  Ai yi yi.  The comedian had his act made for him!  As you can imagine, we were the butt of jokes for the next thirty minutes. By the time he took me home, my face was so red I wouldn't need blush for a week. 
Isn't that hilarious?! I don't think there would be a second date for me!
On to some scrappin' goodies!
What fun is a series though without a kit re-release to go with it!! So today I'm re-releasing Family Gatherings. The fun color palette and fantastic elements are perfect for scrapping some of your favorite dates!

And our date element today is...Barcode Dates! I've pulled this one out of retirement and added some years to make it last a little longer! I really love this date set. My favorite part is the holidays and special occasions that you can use to customize your dates. Too fun!

Both of these releases are 20% off for TODAY ONLY! Tomorrow we'll have a new set of goodies on sale for our Dating Diaries and we'll have some other fun releases!
Have a lovely day!

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