Monday, January 16, 2012

Dear Diary, Love Ophelia

Welcome back to the Dating Diaries! A fun promotion where we share some of the dates we've been on and release some old and new date elements!

Today's story is from Ophelia. Another funny first date...this time about the dangers of sleep deprivation!

I had a great first date with my DH because we already got to know each other after being on a group project together.  We went to dinner and movie.  The funny part of the story was when we went to the movie. I chose City of Angels.  I thought the movie was okay but felt bad for DH because he had a migraine headache. He spent most of the time with his head in his hands or rubbing his temple.  Well, years later, it turns out he didn't have a headache!  He was tired from only getting a couple of hours of sleep the night before (we were all sleep deprived in college).  The movie was slow going on some scenes so that's when he was nodding off. He didn't want me to know when I saw him with his head in his hands, he told me he had a bad headache. He told that story to his mom and she said she would've walked out on the date if that happened to her! lol 

Isn't that so funny! Would you have walked out or felt bad?!

Today we are re-releasing The Longest Date. It's a fun way to date your pages with the whole date written out!

The Longest Date will be on sale for 20% off for TODAY only! Be sure to pick it up before it goes back to regular price tomorrow. But never fear...we'll have another new date appear!!

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