Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bit of Inspiration: Scrapping the bonds

Megg here with this weeks inspiration. I've been working on my little boys book a lot lately, just because his second birthday is coming up. I've been blown away by all the people that are in his life that make him feel so loved. One special person is his grandpa. He gave his first smiles to my dad. He has ALWAYS loved my dad. So this page was inspired by that silly, fun kinda love that they have for one another. He's always so fun for my little man to hold on to, wrestle with, steal snuggles from. I love to see my kids bonding with their grandparents. So here's some inspiration from me using Funny Face by Mary. Click on the layout below for credits. Happy Scrapping folks!


You Inspiration Mission should you choose to accept it:
Scrap a bond between your subject and something fun, could be family member, friend, pet, it's limitless!!!

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