Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Inspiration In Your Everday

Megg here with this weeks inspiration! Sometimes I look at all of my pages and feel like they look the same. So I kinda try looking around the house to find things that could work on a page. It keeps things fresh, keeps me trying different things. I know designers often find inspiration in fabric, so this week I thought about how I could incorporate some fabric inspiration in my layout.

In my daughters room she has a quilt on her bed. It's pieced kinda differently. Instead of straight blocks, it has strips. Six strips all sewn together to make a "block" of multi-colored fabric. You're going to have to just visualize this folks, when I went to snap the quilt my daughters room was a wreck so no pics today! Just take a look around, there is inspiration everywhere... So inspired by the quilt, I came up with the following layout


Using the On the Front Porch. You can click on the preview below for a link to Mary's store!

Happy Scrapping Folks! Don't be afraid to take a look around and be inspired by your everyday!

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