Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Getting Hybrid - Getting Organized

I'm so excited about ScrapMatters' new challenge called Getting Hybrid. This month we were all challenged to use our digi-scrap supplies to help us organize our lives and homes in some way. I've been doing a lot of thinking, reading, researching, experimenting with organization lately, so I was really excited about this task. I've slowly been introducing new systems into my daily routine. On my own, I came up with the idea that Monday would be my laundry day - it's been perfect. I usually don't have anything going on on a Monday, so I can take that day and knock out all the laundry. Then I found FlyLady. I really love some aspects of her philosophy like a clean sink and new towels each day. She also introduced me to the idea of a Home Management Binder which really keeps all our important info in one convenient spot. But sometimes I don't feel like FlyLady is a perfect fit. So I continued my search. I met with a couple of women from my church, and they shared with me ideas on menu planning and grocery shopping. What a mind-altering experience that was! Dinner is no longer my least favorite part of the day. Recently, I've found SimpleMom. I feel like I'm getting closer to my organizational ideal. I've taken her daily docket and her weekly checklist and created personalized versions for myself. I've also incorporated Ali Edwards' one word idea and created a little logo for myself for 2010: Progress (not perfection). OK...it's 3 words, but I'm looking at it as a one word title with a itty bitty subtitle.

So after all of that...here are my new daily planners and weekly checklist! I'm so excited to start using these. I've also put a little frog on the first most important task of the day. This is a reminder to eat my frog first thing in the morning - doing the least fun task of the day first so the rest of the day goes well.


Lynne said...

I love Simple Mom. Here posts always make you say "ah-ha!" She makes you think! Lots of luck with your lists!

Laurie Turk said...

Oooh! I'm also a Simple Mom fanatic. Seriously, she's genius! I'm planning on stalking her at BlissDom {{shhh don't tell}}. I hope she's a hugger instead of a hand shaker because I just know my palms will be so wet from being so anxious about meeting her.

You've got such a great system and thank you SO much for playing with us on Talk To Me Tuesday.


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