Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hooray for Scrapping!

It's so fun to be scrapping again. I can't believe that it's been so long! I have been reading The Digi Dares for a while now, but I have never submitted a LO. This week I decided to put aside the procrastination and "scrap outside the box" as they say. I have been feeling quite the designers' block lately so this is a reflection of those feelings.
This was from the first Speed Scrap of the year! We had to choose pics from over a period of time. I've been wanting to scrap our book club titles for a while, so again...I put aside the procrastination and got down to it!
And finally, here's last night's Speed Scrap. I almost thought I wouldn't make it, but dh finally left the house and Clark sat down to Madagascar! Thanks Jami for such great SS instructions - even #6.

Have a lovely day! No new releases tomorrow, but I'm working on a new kit - how's that for a little teaser.


Beth said...

I read two of those books for book club, too! Loved Guernsey and liked Year of Wonders until the last 50 pages (and then the actual ending felt SO random!)

Love that "Inspiration" layout. Such a great idea, and love the "photos" you included.

kendallt said...

Great LOs, Mary! I LOVE the "inspiration" one. Hope you find yours soon! {{HUGS}}

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