Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Good Wednesday Morning/Afternoon!! Heidi here with some inspiration to get your scrapping juices going! I have been scrapping a little in the last couple of weeks, and am playing a little catch up with some photos from a couple of years ago. I am a chronological/even scrapper, so when it is all printed it has to be in order, but the beauty of digital scrappbooking is that I can go back and forth and when it's all printed off, I just put them in order. I love that I feel like I can have more freedom to scrap what I want rather than be tied down to certain events. So last week I scrapped an even that happened last month and then this week I scrapped a couple of LOs from 2 years ago! And of course Mary has the PERFECT kit for both LOs!

So, my inspiration is go outside your box, whether it's like me and scrapping recent pictures vs. playing catch up, or trying out a new style in your scrapping! I will leave you with the 2 LOs I have done which will be linked to Mary's Funny Faces kit! Have a great Wednesday!!

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