Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Inspiration Wednesday - Weather!

Hi Everyone. Shannon here to help you give you some inspiration. I live in New England, and let me tell you, we've been hammered by snow. My kids have had about 7 snow days, and 1 delay day. This has been a crazy winter! How are things where you live? Do you also have snow (or ice like we have coming down today)? Is it warm and sunny where you live (can I come visit for the rest of the winter)?

For today's inspiration I would like to show you a layout I did with the snow. You can easily do a layout about your weather no matter what it is. Just make sure your camera is protected if it is raining..hehe

I used two of Plum Dumplings products for this layout. The snow flakes are from her Cut It Out Snowflakes.

The kit is On the Front Porch.
I just love how they worked so well together!! I'm thinking though that after today's ice storm I may have to do a layout with Summer Storm.

What is your weather like today? Show us your layouts!!

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