Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring Cleaning!

Happy Wednesday all you blog readers! This is Dawn bringing you Inspiration Wednesday!

I don't know what it's like at your house, but around here, it means Spring Cleaning! Usually this is started by my husband, and usually it means the start of something BIG! His idea of Spring Cleaning usually involves us rearranging a room or 2! That was the case last year about this time! All 4 of our girls shared one big room upstairs. He decided we would move our room and the computer room upstairs, and split the girls into 2 bedrooms. That was a huge deal! We had to decide which girls would room together, what stuff would go in which room. It was a big mess, but once it was done, we were proud of what we'd accomplished! And our house looked great! Almost good enough to put it back on the market to try to sell. But alas, someone invited the messies to move in (I think it was my oldest), and that was the end of that!

Regardless of what Spring Cleaning means around your house, for digiscrappers, it affects you too! This is a great time to clean up your computer. Scan for viruses, remove cookies and unwanted/ unused files, unsubscribe from e-mails that are cluttering your inbox (but definately NOT ScrapMatters), burn disks and back up your digiscrapping supplies. I know I would be very upset if I lost my digiscrapping kits and goodies....but I would be devistated if I lost my photos. Photos of trips, 1sts, mementous occasions, weddings, births, graduations and more.

This year, make Spring Clenaing mean more than just clenaing out that junk drawer in the kitchen, make it applly to your absolute favorite hobby too! And once that computer is all cleaned up......make sure you go shopping at Mary's store at to stock up on more essentials to build up your stash again!

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