Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Where to Begin

Hello friends, this is Andi, one of Mary's newest CT members, with your Inspiration Wednesday. I thought it'd be fun to share where I begin and a little of my creative process when creating a layout. Lately I have been working on some heritage pages and Mary's kit "On the Front Porch" is perfect for these pages.

First, I always start with the pictures I'm going to work on, adjust the lighting, contrast, levels, etc. I usually change the heritage photos from sepia to black and white as I love the effects of b/w photos better, but it's totally your preference. Next if I'm using a template, I find the one I think will look best and open it up. I open up the Plum Dumplings kit "On the Front Porch" and include all of the papers and elements so I can choose from everything.

Next, I work with the papers, creating cropped papers if I need, paper frames, or circle shapes where I'd like to place them. Remember to always group things in odd numbers.

Finally, I always love to have layered clusters, such as greenery and flowers, or buttons and ribbons. And don't forget to add your shadows as it truly looks "scrapped" when shadows are included.

Here's an example of what I have created recently with "On the Front Porch". I hope this bit of inspiration and helpful hints have helped you to get your pictures scrapped. Have a wonderful week.
You can purchase "On the Front Porch" Here

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