Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Storytelling: Look for Another Story

I've been going through my un-scrapped photos and organizing them into folders for easy scrapbooking. I came across these photos that I absolutely LOVE! Then I started thinking...what kind of story do they tell? In typical informative storytelling, you would include the who, what, where, when, why. So it might sound something like this:

"Clark and Kent enjoy a hammock ride on a warm October day. Kent kept trying to get Clark's toes through the ropes."

I've decided that these photos didn't need to tell that story. The story is so much deeper than that. I was able to capture with the camera some decent photos of both boys smiling and playing with each other. Thinking of this story, my journaling sounds like this:

"There are moments in my day when I think to myself that my referee days will never end. Some days when you boys are wrestling, I think...this is the least they will ever hurt themselves. You boys will only get bigger and stronger. And then there are moments like these when I see what great brothers you really are. You are the only ones who can make each other laugh the hardest. You light up when you see each other. You are brothers for sure. Being around boys is definitely different for me, but as long as it is you two that I am with, I'll try to love every bit of it! I love you boys...more than you'll ever know."

It's not perfect journaling, but it's better than the first version! that I look at my page...I should add their names on the page somewhere.

Look through your photos...if the 5W's story doesn't sound too interesting...see what other story your photos can tell!

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