Friday, February 10, 2012

Early Retirement

I've decided that it's time for me to retire from designing. I've really enjoyed these past few years and learned a ton. I've met so many great people and love the friendships I've made. I'm retiring now to spend some more time with my kiddos while they are little. I know this time will go by too quickly and I'll be so sad if I missed it because I was trying to finish a paper pack or something?!

I'm still going to stick around and be a scrapper. I want to start my own personal history and I may document that here on this blog. I'm hoping to pick up a few CTs, so I'll be promoting them here on the blog too. You'll still see updates, but they won't be for releases created by me. There may be the occasional template freebie, but I'm not going to stress about it! I'd love for you to stick around and stay in touch!

I take the big LEAP into retirement on Leap Day! Wish me luck!

Be sure to stop by my shop and check out the sale before my products are gone...forever!! And everything will be 50% off February 16-29!


BriarRose59 said...

Sorry to see you go but I understand your decision. My girls are grown now but I loved being home with them while they were growing up. It's such a special time. Good luck and I will keep following your updates. Enjoy your children!

Melanie said... are so talented and I've loved seeing you grow as a designer. Good luck with the break from designing!

Dolores said...

Mary, I've enjoyed your kits & templates a LOT! I'm sorry to see you go, but you'll never regret spending time to watch your children grow. I'll be sure to keep watching your blog!

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