Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wenesday's Bit of Inspiration

Hi there everyone! Melanie here with this week's bit of inspiration. Whenever I can't decide where to start with a layout, there's a few things I like to do. Sometimes I'll go through my favorites folder to look for a layout to lift, but more often than not I grab a template. I have a rediculous amount of templates on my EHD! But I can't help myself - I love them. When I do start my own layout from scratch I always make it a template first, or turn it into one after I'm finished. That's exactly what I did with this layout I made with Mary's kit Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow.

So to get you inspired this week, I'm sharing my template from that layout! And if you're like me, you love adding one more template to your stash every chance you get! Just click the preview of the template to head over and download it. Thanks for stopping by and have a fabulously creative week!
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