Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy Wednesday everyone! I love Wednesdays, but I'm even more excited this week because we're only two more days away from iNSD! Woot, woot! Be sure to check out all the fun going on at Scrap Matters to celebrate.

This week is also fun because it's Teacher Appreciation Week for many schools. I don't have any children in school yet, so I decided I wanted to scrap about one of my favorite teachers. She was my first grade teacher, and actually taught my three siblings too! We all loved her, and actually went back to visit her when I graduated high school (I'm the oldest). I've had these pictures lying around for ages and decided it was time to scrap them! I had to scan the pics, so the resolution isn't the best, but it's better than nothing.

So, for this weeks inspiration, why not think about one of your favorite teachers and scrap a page in their honor? Maybe you only have a picture of them from your yearbook-so scan it! And maybe you don't have a picture at all. But that's okay; sometimes the best pages have no pictures. Be creative, have fun, and think about what it was about that teacher that made them your favorite. Did they inspire you to dream? Encourage you to try? Saw potential in you that others didn't see? Whatever it is, scrap it! And maybe it's not a school teacher, maybe just a mentor or even a teacher from your church. Teachers give so much to shape and help us, and I feel it's important to remember them. I'll be doing a couple of more pages this week about some other teachers I had too, but here's one with my siblings and I and our first grade teacher.

Be sure to include a link to your page in the comments!

I used Plum Dumpling Designs kit, "Serendipity" for this. I loved the bright colors! And the cute alpha is her "Basically Black Alpha" which is perfect for school themed pages!


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