Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Inspiration Wednesday

Last year after Queen of Scrap I was SO burnt out on scrapbooking.  I seriously struggled to complete 1-2 layouts a month for several months after.  I wondered if I would EVER love it again, like I did before and during the competition.  This year, I joined another competition - ASDR (a digital scrap race)  Although it wasn't exactly what I was hoping for, it did give me the motivation, the inspiration to start again.  Guess what?  I am now completing 15+ layouts a month and I love it more than ever.  So . . . here is some inspiration.  Try out a competition, even if it is just one challenge.  You can look at other's examples, use Mary's products and getting in a scrapping groove once again.  Here are some examples of challenges  happening over at Scrapmatters.

The May Stack Exchange is using Mary's "I Scream" product to create a stack or a cluster.  In the process you will receive stacks and clusters from everyone else who participates! (plus, the kit is 30% off through the month . . . how can you NOT get it now!!)
Here's one you will receive!

My favorite challenge is the Tuesday Template Challenge.  Here are the 2 templates you could work on for this month.

*The Everyday magic is asking for layouts about your love of books

*In Living Color you can do a LO with yellows, browns and greens.  The challenge specifically mentions Mary's "A walk in the woods" to complete this. 

*You can be helped along in your calendar toppers in "I'll pencil you" in challenge

*You can also make a one word title to describe your life for the "Word Up" challenge. 

I am so thankful for these challenges that help me stretch and grow as a scrapper and also, keep me going when I am in a slump.  You can find more challenges and speed scrap schedules at scrapmatters.  Keep scrapping! 

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scrappin5kids said...

Love how you have lots of stuff from Mary to use with all those fun challenges!!

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