Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me (last month)!

Isn't she lovely? She's  my new best friend! Sorry for the poor quality photo, but you see...I'm taking a picture of the good camera with the bad camera. Hmmmmm... DH suggested that we get this for me for my birthday (last month), and I decided to go with it...no brainer, right?!

It's been so fun to play around with. A few weeks ago, I came across a great deal on this friendly little ebook by Kristen Duke, Say No to Auto. I had read so many great reviews from different bloggers, so I decided to spend a little bit of money on the ebook even before I bought my new camera. I am so glad I did! I love this little ebook. It is formatted so that you can print it on 4x6 pics and then have it spiral bound to keep in your camera bag. The book covers 3 steps for unlocking the manual modes of your camera. So helpful. My favorite part is the handy ISO reference chart. Seriously...makes such a difference. Kristen is such a talented natural light photographer which is really where I'd like to focus my photography efforts with my own kids.

Check out the difference between auto and manual settings! I can't believe it! This is Clark's new Godzilla. Isn't it lovely? If you want details on the Great Godzilla Gala check out this post on my family blog. Hopefully I can help someone else out who has a child who wants a Godzilla party - eek!
So...if you have a DSLR (or are planning to get one), get yourself a copy of Say No to Auto!! You'll love being able to unlock the manual modes on your camera! My kids will thank me in years to come. I'm sure of it.

**NOTE: The above review is my own opinion on the Say No to Auto ebook that I purchased.

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