Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hybrid for the Holidays

Did you know there are only 13 weeks until Christmas?!  Are you ready? I'm getting there and this Christmas Planner, using Doodle Me Christmas by Erica Zane, is going to be my constant companion until the big day arrives! At the end of the holidays last year, I created a Google Doc Spreadsheet of all the major things I needed to do for the 13 weeks leading up until Christmas and one week after. I created my list based on our own family traditions and lists from several different websites. Anyway...this year, on my list was to make it cute! Mission accomplished!

I created a cover, a page for each week, a wardrobe checklist and a photo checklist. The weekly pages have what week it is, things to do, items for the calendar, and ways to celebrate. The wardrobe checklist is to keep me organized for those big occasions and to make sure that everyone has coordinating outfits for the days when we will be taking photos. Maybe I should color coordinate them to the kit I want to use to scrap too, hehe!! My photo checklist is a list of photos that I usually take around the holidays. I love seeing the progression of our family and the boys at the same time each year. Too fun!

How do you keep organized for the holidays? Did I miss anything?

1 comment:

scrappin5kids said...

Mary...that is so stinking cute!! What a super idea! Thanks for sharing!

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